Deluxe Digital Screeners Team Joins Vision Media Management Fulfillment LLC.

August 2016

A prominent team of engineers from a prominent Deluxe Media division headed by Dmitry Primachenko has joined Vision Media in an effort to lead and expand company Digital Media business initiatives, including but not limited to sales and academy awards screener services.

After over a decade of intra-company collaboration with Vision’s then-Deluxe-owned business unit, Vision’s CEO Michael Alvarez Jr., and the ex-president of Deluxe Media Management group, invited the team to join his company executive leadership team. The mutual respect of the talented teams on both sides and an industry-established “can-do” reputation, carries a significant potential to dramatically expand the company’s digital strategy in exhibitor, sales and academy awards screening services.

A dedicated satellite office dubbed “V200” was opened in Burbank, CA to host the new business unit as well as extend company presence into direct proximity of their major studio clients.