Vision Media Management – MediaQurator™ Announcement

April, 2018

“Over the past decades, Vision Media has established itself as the industry leader in providing premier worldwide fulfillment services.  With the addition of the recently-created Digital Product Team lead by Dmitry Primachenko, we were able to achieve and maintain a leading position servicing the Entertainment Industry with our Digital Awards Screener solution.

Last year, in parallel to supporting another successful Awards Season, the Digital Product Team has designed and piloted a state of the art Review & Approval Platform – MediaQurator™.  As the platform took off its concept runway, it quickly became renowned and accepted as a clear leader within the advertising & marketing clearance circles and started to expand its client base at a remarkable rate. 

The explosive growth of MediaQurator has precipitated the need for CEO of Vision Media, Michael Alvarez Jr. to charge Dmitry Primachenko with leading the team responsible for facilitating this service in a joint venture partnership dedicated to fostering the development and expansion of the MediaQurator™ platform into the realm of asset management and workflow automation solutions.

Working together, Dmitry Primachenko and Michael Alvarez, CEO of Vision Media, have formed MediaQurator LLC. Vision Media will remain a close partner with the MediaQurator team financially and strategically. Both entities will support each other across a variety of ongoing projects. Dmitry’s team from Vision Media will join him at MediaQurator.”