Vision Media Spins Off The New Review and Approval Platform – MediaQurator™ Into Own Business Entity

April, 2018

In addition, to overseeing all aspects of development and servicing Vision Media digital platforms, the Burbank-based Digital Product team was also able to create and push to market a state of the art Review & Approval Tool – MediaQurator™. The explosive growth of MediaQurator™ has precipitated the need for the Dmitry Primachenko’s Digital Product team to refocus efforts on continuing their successful development of the MediaQurator™ platform.

Working together, Dmitry Primachenko and Michael Alvarez, CEO of Vision Media, have formed MediaQurator LLC. Vision Media will remain a close partner with the MediaQurator team financially and strategically. Both entities will support each other across a variety of ongoing projects. Dmitry’s team from Vision Media will join him at MediaQurator.