We Stand With Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, armed forces of the Russian Federation invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine under the false pretenses of liberating the country. Like the Nazis during World War II, the Russian army is committing war crimes of extraordinary proportions and brutality by attacking municipal centers, unarmed civilians, including women, and children.

The brutality and atrocities committed by the Russian Federation will go down in history as some of the worst crimes against humanity and just a few weeks into the conflict the death toll is approaching thousands of people with millions displaced. Despite these extraordinary events and superior numbers of the Russian army, the Ukrainian people have proven themselves to be resilient in the face of the enemy and denied Putin an easy victory he was promised.

The world is united in helping Ukraine defend their country as well as address the humanitarian crisis that was created by the heinous crimes of the Russian Federation. MediaQurator as company also feels obligated to do what we can to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

Whether you want to support with kind words, a petition, or a donation, below are a few verified ways you can help.

Stay Vigilant

Help In Your Own Way

  • Participate, repost, and promote the work of all charitable organizations directly assisting the victims of this crisis
  • These organizations accept goods and direct financial contributions to assist people in crisis 

MEEST America


Razom for Ukraine


Ukrainian Ministry of Defense


Ukrainian National Bank – Humanitarian Help


Ukrainian National Bank – Armed Forces Account


2014-2022 War Veteran Fund


Revived Soldiers Project


Save The Children Fund


Fund for Animal Welfare